How to Help Those Boat and Yacht Shoppers Looking for the Best Deals!

05 Nov

Finding boat sale deals is easier than you think, the trick is knowing exactly where to look to score the best possible deals. Once you discover all these resources for finding great boat deals on a website like, don’t be afraid to try them all until you get a deal that is more “n line” with your budget.

boats for sailShopping Online – Let your fingers do the walking when you are in the market for a boat or yacht. There are tons of online auction sites that have deals on new and used boats for you to search. Local boat vendors have websites too, so rather than driving around and having to deal with aggressive salesmen, you do all your research and shopping online. Many of these sites have online chats, allowing you to get all your information without leaving your seat.

Craigslist – This free resource is one wear locals have the chance to get some amazing deals if they are willing to do a little work. With Craigslist, you will find amazing deals from sellers in your neighborhood who are simply looking to match up a seller with their boat. Many times these motivated sellers are willing to toss in all the extras they paid top dollar for when they were first excited about the boat. Here is your chance to get a great package deal on a budget.

Facebook Discussion Groups – If you want to see the face behind the boat, Facebook groups are another great resource for finding deals on boats for sale. These motivated sellers will post plenty of pictures and are available in seconds to answer questions or concerns because it seems like the world is connected to Facebook around the clock these days.

Boating Magazines – You don’t have to subscribe to boating magazines to get all the benefits inside. Local libraries usually have plenty of recreational magazines you can borrow. These magazines are packed with buying tips, discount coupons, promo codes, and locations of boating shows in your area where you could find the boat you have been looking for at a fraction of what you have budgeted for the purchase. These magazines are usually very current as far as boating news and they even have their own classifieds.

So now you have a better idea about all the places you can visit first before buying a boat. The chances are pretty good that by the time you reach the fourth choice, a deal of the century will somehow find its way to you.




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