Selling Your Home in Record Time in Charleston South Carolina

05 Nov

Regardless if it is a buyers or sellers real estate market, there are things homeowners are doing right now to make it more challenging to sell their house in a timely manner. These folks list their homes for sale and then wonder why a few years later they have had barely any action on the property. Here are a few things Charleston Luxury real estate sellers can start doing immediately to help to sell your home faster than you thought possible.

Charleston Luxury Real Estate1. Working with the Busiest Realtor – Contrary to what you may think, the busiest realtor at any real estate agency is that way for a reason. They are not lucky, they don’t get favorable treatment, they hustle and they scoop up referrals faster than anyone in the office. This is the realtor you want to work with because if they are busy, they are moving properties. Choose the realtor who has grossed the most this month and you will have a real go-getter working in your corner to bring only qualified buyers to your door.

2. Staging the House for Sale – Don’t assume just because you love everything about your house that others will too. They need to imagine themselves living in that house to become emotionally invested, and the way you do this is by removing all the clutter from the house and leaving only the essentials that you need to live behind. If you don’t have room in a basement, attic, or garage, rent a storage unit and keep everything away from the prying eyes of potential buyers. Less clutter means the house looks bigger and more appealing to buyers.

3. Fair Market Analysis – Regardless what you think your house may be worth, your realtor has concrete information about how much houses with a 5 mile radius have been recently selling for. Your realtor can compare apples to apples by searching for similar listings and marketing your home in the same manner. If a 3 bedroom ranch sold for $300,000 down the street, you will never get a buyer if you house is similar and you are asking $350,000. Trust what your realtor says and be competitive if you want to sell your home in record time.

Take advantage of these simple home selling tips and you can get out of your property and move on faster than you dreamed possible. Let the market dictate the selling price and make your home as inviting as possible for potential buyers.  For more smart tips visit:


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