Why Digital Marketing is Fast Becoming Your Key to Business Success

05 Nov

Global One of the most effective ways to attract traffic to your blog and boost your online income is with digital marketing. It is also a great way to reward your present audience for their support to your blog.

To get maximum benefit from digital marketing, states Charleston SEO Marketers from OnQsites.com, the first thing to do is to write a detailed plan for its format, prizes, and promotion.

– Duration: The giveaway should be long enough to attract a sufficient number of visitors to your blog but it should not drag on for too long.

– Simple way to qualify: Visitors should be given a clear call to action to enter the draw such as subscribing to your email list or entering a comment.

– Prizes: If the prizes in your giveaway are not valuable, you won’t get a good response. Try to award at least three prizes so that more participants are likely to win.

Promotion: This is the most crucial part of the digital marketing. Give sufficient time to promote your giveaway on your blog and social media. Also inform your friends and partners and request them to promote it.

In addition to the main benefit of attracting traffic to your blog, there are four less obvious but super benefits of digital marketing:

Promotion of your own products and services:
Once you have created your own info-products, one of the best ways to promote them is by giving them away as free prizes. Giving away your own products as prizes doesn’t cost you anything and if they are digital products, you are spared the expense of postage and handling. The greatest hidden benefit of a giveaway is that contestants who don’t win the prizes are likely to buy your products since they have already checked them out.

Development of partnerships and joint ventures:
A giveaway is a great way to network with companies and internet marketers in your niche. You can contact them directly and ask them to sponsor prizes in exchange for the free publicity. In addition, you can invite sponsors by posting an article on your blog about the upcoming giveaway. Prize sponsors are likely to promote your giveaway on their sites, which can bring in extra streams of traffic.

Building your list of email and RSS subscribers:
Visitors to your blog will be more inclined to subscribe to your email mailing list if they have the chance to win free prizes. If you hold regular giveaways on your blog, your subscribers may stay subscribed in the hope of winning a prize in the next giveaway.

Social media buzz by giveaway participants:
A cool way to promote your giveaway and blog is to provide extra points to contestants for informing others about it in their blogs and social media. Make it easy for them to do so by providing buttons for Facebook, Twitter and other media.

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